Rev. Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo

Towards the end of the 19th century (more than 100 years ago), missionaries from England and Wales went to preach the Gospel to Mizoram (India). Mizo people heartily welcomed the Good News and followed Jesus Christ by discarding their primitive religion. Within a few decades most of the Mizo tribes in the north-east India embraced Christianity. In the past, the churches in the United Kingdom were lively and active and her brave soldiers from Christ had spread the Gospel to different parts of the world. Now, our mother churches (Presbyterian Church, Methodist and Baptist) in England and Wales, which produced missionaries for our land, are dying, while hundreds of church buildings have vanished, and their sheep wander everywhere turning their back from God.

This disheartening state of Christianity in this land has aroused my family, out of a deep divine love for England and Wales, to realize that it is our responsibility to do something for our spiritual paternal land and people. Now seeing the urgent need we wanted to show our gratitude and regard for the land and people for bringing us Christianity, which we loved and cherished. We then have decided to plant a church in Birmingham after having 21 days cooperate fasting and prayer.

The Global Community Church was established on the 27th of March, 2011. The church first met in our home at Selly Oak, Birmingham. We preach the Gospel in this land and pray that God will bring many lost souls, revive and transform the people through our humble services for the extension of God’s kingdom.

  • We want to proclaim the Gospel (Good News of Jesus Christ) and be prepared in season and out of season to the people who have not yet an opportunity to hear it.
  • We want to see God’s kingdom extending in Birmingham, into the nation and to the rest of the world.
  • We want to worship God in everything we do as a church. We want to worship God corporately using contemporary and multicultural music and songs.
  • We are passionate about the children and the youth. Our aim is to help them understand the meaning and having a personal relationship with Jesus, aid in developing this relationship and becoming passionate about Jesus and His Church.
  • We are a church that is enthusiastic in its approach to provide a unified environment where students from all over the Globe come together, expressing and worshiping in their own culture and customs freely.