The Global Community Church Servant Council:

Rev. Dr. Zaichhawna Hlawndo (Zaia)

A pioneer of mission, with a heart to bring the Gospel of peace to every nation.

Pastor Lalruatfeli Hlawndo (Julie)

Passionate to teach and empower individuals to live and share the love of God.

Sandy YuQin Ji

Omar Edwards - Assistant Secretary

Assisting with the smooth running of the ministry and passionate for living and sharing the authentic and honest life of Christ.

Partei Hlawndo - Worship Leader

Passionate about worship and leading others into the presence of God through beautiful use of her voice and keyboard.

Zoremmawia Ralte (Zorema) - Youth Minister

Keen sportsperson and an enthusiast for sharing the beauty of life in Christ.

Harrison Mbaziira - Treasurer

A believer in living the Gospel and trusting in God to provide every need for His glory.

Rohlupuli Hmar (Lou-lou) - Servant Council Member

A prayer warrior and discerning heart with a passion to care for God’s children.